Friday, 4 November 2011

Album Review - Natalia Kills - Perfection

Perfectionist is the debut album from the English artist Natalia Kills. Kills found her success in 2008 when she moved to L.A and got signed the same year by in a joint partnership with Interscope and Cherrytree Records.

She has been tipped by Perez Hilton to be the next big global phenomenon in pop music. Hilton booked her for his One Night in Jersey gig in Atlantic City and since has been tipped across the media to become a global success.

If you enjoy the music of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry this is up your street. The albums theme appears to be a mix between fantasy and horror – with tracks with names like Wonderland, Zombie and If I were God. Similar to the way Katy Perry used the candy land theme on the Teenage Dream album and Gaga with the horror theme on The Fame Monster album.

Although similar to Perry and Gaga she manages to twist these influences into something new and original, delivering a 360 degree narrative that can be seen in her videos, photoshoots, artwork and fashion, and throughout her film-noir style self-made webisode series ‘Love Kills’.

I feel in the upcoming year we will see a lot more of Kills both as a musician but also as a fashion icon.


All the songs on the album are co-written by herself and some very influential people in music such as Akon. She has also been lucky to work alongside a tight production team including Martin “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” Kierszbaum – who has worked with Gaga which explains the similarities.
Kills has shaped a sound that sits justly alongside today’s leading pop trailblazers, while bringing something a little darker and with more British influence to the playlist.

Even if you are not the biggest fan of pop music I feel there is at least one track on the album that will appeal to you on some sort of level. The tracks that stand out to me on the album are Zombie and Kill My Boyfriend. So if like me you’re more drawn to the dark side of life I’d suggest listening to these tracks and definitely watching the webisodes on her site –

3 out of 5

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