Thursday, 10 November 2011

Balls out

If you're a feminist or someone that takes life pretty seriously then 'Balls Out' by Steel Panther is not the album for you.

After their first album it was never certain if Steel Panther would make another album since there is only so many times you can sing about sex without it getting boring but Steel Panther have returned doing '17 girls in a row' in the style of 'Tiger Woods'.

Like any Steel Panther song you can't take it too seriously. I really should be offended by songs like 'That’s What Girls Are For' with lyrics like "cleaning, baking, hot love making - that’s what girls are for" but I can't help but laugh.

 If you are familiar with Steel Panthers music you will know the lyrics above are tame and like the previous album this album gets pretty vulgar in parts but if you're listening to Steel Panther then you obviously love the vulgarity.

Putting the lyrics aside the album is musically very good and the vocals to a high standard. 

Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) makes an appearance on 'it won’t suck itself' - if the title itself offends you then definitely do not listen to the song but if you like a good laugh then this album is one to stick on the 'listen to' list.

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