Monday, 28 November 2011

"Good hard rock and roll"

Attention rock fans! Get yourself to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum before the 12th of February to see The AC/DC Exhibition.  The exhibition is titled The AC/DC Exhibition - Scotland's Family Jewels.  Kelvingrove is the only place in Europe the exhibition is been displayed before it moves on to The United States.

(Photo by Susan Docherty)

(Photo by Susan Docherty)

As I am an AC/DC fan this was a must see for me but for any music fan the exhibition gives an interesting eyesight into a music career that spans 37 years.  It also highlights the close links the band have with Scotland.  Before visiting the exhibition I knew that Angus and Malcolm young were Scottish but I had never realised that Bonn Scott was also Scottish - some AC/DC fan I am!

(A photo of the band: Susan Docherty)

It is £2.00/1.50 to get into the exhibition and they can be bought at the AC/DC gift shop.  Yes, there is an AC/DC gift shop - how awesome is that?  I think I'm going to have to make another trip to Kelvingrove when I have more money.

(The gift shop:Susan Docherty)

With a band philosophy like  "Don't worry about anything else, we just want to have a good time" and "What you see is what you get" (Bonn Scott).  It is clear AC/DC know how to rock and the exhibition shows this.  There are lots of tour posters on display and backstage passes which any AC/DC fan would kill for.  The most impressive one was from The Razors Edge tour as it was shaped like a razor blade.

The cannon stage prop from the 90's is also on display.  Sadly Rosie couldn't make it (Rosie is a large inflatable doll AC/DC also bring on tour). 

(Whole lotta Rosie. Photo by:  Victoria McEwan)

A selection of Angus's costumes are on display including the famous school uniform.  I had always wondered where the idea of Angus's school uniform had came from - it was his sister that came up with the idea because as a young boy he would come in from school and pick up his guitar without even getting changed out his school uniform.  He still wears a school uniform on stage at age 56.  He can also still make women scream for him while stripping down to AC/DC boxer shorts.

(backstage passes)

At the core of the exhibit live footage of the band is shown on a big screen. If you have seen AC/DC live it brings back so many memories.  I still get shivers when I hear a live recording of Thunderstruck and I'm sure if you've also seen them live the same applies to you.  If you haven't seen them live you sure will want to after visiting this exhibit.

The exhibit gives you the chance to see items you usually would not see.  The item that enchanted me the most possibly is the handwritten lyrics to 'Highway to Hell'.  It was almost like seeing footage of AC/DC's baby being born.

Angus Young's custom Gibson guitar is also on display.  The guitar was used during the 1990's before being signed and donated to the Powerhouse museum.

Although the exhibition is about the band as a whole it stands as a loving tribute to the late Bon Scot.

(Bon Scott's leather jacket)

The exhibition ends with a wall where you can write on a post-it note what you think about the band.  It is rather amazing to see people of all ages from all over professing their love for the band.

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