Monday, 7 November 2011

Mr Bean

So...I sold a book on Amazon, simple enough, yeah?

Being as organised as I am I wrote the address down on a post-note the buyer was called "Sean", so I could just hand the post-it note over the the lady at the post office to write on the envelope.

As I handed her the post-it she noted that the name was unusual.  By this point I had actually forgot what the name was on the post-it, so I was just like "yeah" - nervous smile.

When asked to check the address on the envelope I seen that she had wrote "Bean" instead of Sean.  Trying not to laugh was really difficult, even more so considering earlier that week I had a conversation with my flatmates about how bad my handwriting is.

I felt like I had to explain to Sean what had happened so he didn't think I thought he name was Bean but he never replied to me.  Which makes this scenario all the more embarrassing.

Sean or Bean?

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