Monday, 19 December 2011

So this is Christmas...

It is less than a week to Christmas and I still do not feel in the Christmas spirit.  I think it is because I'm up in Stirling on my own and I'm stressing out a bit about Christmas itself because I'm not returning home until Christmas Eve.  In a way being up here on my own is not bothering me too much because I'm getting some stuff done - like this blog.  I've applied for some graduate jobs and internships also - so I need to fill out some application forms etc.  I want adminstrative tasks like those done before the new year so that I might have a rough idea where my future is headed in 2012.  However getting home on Christmas Eve is my worry at the moment because my father is being unclear about whether he is going to come and collect me or not and also I know he will have something to say about my current weight gain.  The idea of feeling bad about myself on Christmas Eve of all times is not appealing to me.  It will certainly kill the Christmas spirit and possibly put me off my Christmas dinner.  Seeing my father sometimes is not as bad as what I expect it to will just need to wait and see.

I did see quite a lot of my friends today, it was nice.  It was good being in Glasgow for a little while also.  My silly thing for today would be me mistaking a feather duster for a handbag.  I thought it was a pink fluffy handbag.  It was not until I was touching it and might I add going 'ohhh' that I realised it was the duster the display was being cleaned with. Oh. Dear.

I tried an eggnog latte from Starbucks - it was nice but rather sickening.  My boyfriend bought me this necklace to surprise me.  Although I kinda knew he was going to buy me it since he told me about it and then told me he was going to the mall that the necklace was located.  The boy isnt terribly good at being secretivie but I like that in a man - I don't like secrets they make me paranoid.

I love how the eyes are hearts.

How amazing are these shoes?

On the subject of Batman the second trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was realeased this week.  I am super excited! I have just realised I have not wrote a Batman related post, I've been meaning to.  I shall try and write one at some point this week.

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