Monday, 6 February 2012

Travis Barker

So, Travis Barker is suing Mediatakeout for posting his nakey photo.  I initially thought the photo was a fake but after finding out that is legit I was rather impressed if I'm being honest.

I can understand why he would be annoyed about it but Blink 182 aren't exactly the most modest of bands.  They used to run around naked?

I feel that if you are a celeb you need to take some sort of precautions if you are going to be taking that kind of photo.  It seems like a lot of celebs seem to make this mistake and then whinge about it and then the question arises was it all publicity?  Blink's last album didn't exactly do that great and there's a tour coming up.  In this occasion it was not exactly bad publicity for Mr Barker - if anything it will have got him some new female followers.  For me I wont ever listen to Blink 182 the same again - take off your pants and jacket?  Well, yes please.

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