Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bands to Keep an Eye On - The Treatment

The Treatment have over the last month become one of my favourite bands.  After seeing them support Steel Panther,on their Ball's Out tour,I was instantly hooked. 

Despite the band's baby faces they play like have been on the rock scene for decades. 

Prior to the gig I was told that they were like a 'heavier' version of The Darkness and I couldn't agree more.  Well without the spandex.  The band resemble your typical rock band who focus more on the music than the aesthetics but all in all they are not a bad looking band.

A lot different from Motley Crue and Kiss who they will be supporting on their joint tour this summer.   British folk like myself can look forward to seeing The Treatment at Download Festival though and some tours dates in May.

Due to the bands stage confidence and the fact they are supporting two of the biggest names in rock come the summer I made the assumption that the band were American but they are not.  They are British! All I can say in my Scottish accent is 'Mon the British rock n roll'!

The band are the epitome of 'rock music' and it is refreshing to hear a band so comfortable in this simple yet great genre. 

The band's current album 'This Might Hurt' is hands down once of the best albums I have heard in a long time. 

Track's to play particular attention to are 'The Doctor', 'Shake the Mountain', 'Just Tell me Why' and 'Drink, Fuck Fight'

The band's sound reminds me of AC/DC meets Guns 'n' Roses.  Musically very similar to ACDC but vocally  a bit more like Guns 'n' Roses.

The band's lead guitarist actually reminds me a bit of Angus Young with his mannerisms on stage.  Something that is unusual about the band though is that even though I have only seen the band live once - all members of the band stood out to me.  The band have stage presence, attitude, music and lyrics all down to perfection.

They have the combination of swagger and elegance in their music.  It is not all fantastical riffs and guitar solo's with no substantial lyrics or talent in some cases - like a lot of amateur bands in this genre.  This is the real deal.  If The Treatment are not a global phenomenon in the next couple of years I will be very surprised.

I think this band are the next big thing and with the fan base they will collect over this summer I expect their coverage in the press to boom!

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