Sunday, 1 April 2012

Summer pastel nails

I really enjoy pastel coloured nails as it not a colour that I own very much clothing in despite really enjoying light purple shades and peachy hues.  I had ran out of lilac nail polish so I purchased a new one with my No.7 (at Boots) £5 voucher - making the nail polish £2.  If you ever get the vouchers do not just throw them away - go get yourself a nice new nail polish.

I find No.7 nail polishes to be some of the best.  They last pretty well and its a thick polish so it does not necessarily need a second coat but I usually do.

I was initially going to paint one nail lilac followed by one nail mint green and so on but then came up with the idea of doing a french manicure with the two colours below.

The mint green colour is Button Moon by Collection 2000 - the polish is not the best for lasting but the Hot Looks range has some unusual colours in it.

This is how it turned out.  I thought it was quite nice for the summer and a good alternative to the typical french manicure which to me just screams 'I am boring'. 

My nails are in a terrible state at the moment.  They have all snapped due to stress.  I would love to see this look on someone with actual decent nails.

All you need to do to create this look is put on two coats of the lilac polish - wait for it to dry.  It is vital that you wait for it to dry otherwise it will just smudge and make a mess.  I have made this mistake in the past - it is very annoying.

I have a lot of practise doing nails so if you are not so familiar with the nail polish brush then just take your time.  The easiest way I have found to do this is to sweep across the tip of the nail and then go back and dab at parts that are not even in the line.

You could apply a top coat after this if you wanted but in my experience of applying a top coat after applying such heavy polish is that it becomes to thick and does not set.

If anyone tries this let me know how you get on, yeah?

Victoria, x

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  1. Gorgeous chica! :) I love lilac nail polish, especially Berry Ice Cream by Barry M! xx