Thursday, 24 May 2012

Boi-ing Concealer By Benefit in Shade 01

I got my eyebrows shaped at Benefit a couple of weeks ago as I was after their famous Benefit arch and although I was impressed with the results I was also very impressed by the concealer used to cover up the post-wax redness.

The product used was Boi-ing Benefits 'Industrial Strength Concealer'.  The name itself just draws me towards it as being a sufferer of bad skin products of industrial strength are sometimes needed. In texture the concealer is similar to Maxfactors Pan-stick - anyone got any horror stories about that?  Back in the day I used paint my face orange in the greasy pan-stick in a bid to cover my acne but in turn just looked like an oompa loompa.

This, however you just need a little bit of applied to problem areas and it does a pretty job good job at covering them.  I would love to say it completely covers spots but sadly that miracle product has yet to hit the shelves for us non-make up artists.  If you are good at applying make-up though you may have more success than me.  Anyone got any tips for applying concealer?

As it is greasy in texture I would advise applying it with a concealer brush - something I do not own but will be investing in due to this product.  Especially with a festival on the horizon - my face really does not need my germy hands all over it.

I went for shade 01 which is the lightest shade but it is quite dark on me but once toned with my foundation and powder it is fine.  The ladies in Benefit will be happy to advise you on which shade would suit your skin tone though.  

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  1. Ive not tried this yet! I got the other concealer one, the one in the tub... Its ok but not amazing. I think you are right though, maybe we just cant apply it properly xxxxx