Monday, 21 May 2012

Loreal - Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation - Review

Every time I go foundation shopping I know I should stick to my tried and tested favourite of Loreal True Match but being my curious self I decided to try Loreals new foundation and now I wish I hadn't.

Their new foundation is Lumi Magique - Light Infusing Foundation, I had hoped this foundation would be a cross between true match and infallible but it's not.

On the bottle it says 'Flawless Skin. As If Lit From Within' - ick!  My skin is a bit of a mess right now due to illness and the foundation does far from leave my skin looking flawless.  I like a heavy coverage in a foundation and this foundation leaves a rather natural look which is not a nice look when you have spots all over your face and bags under your eyes.

If you like a natural look in a foundation then you might have more joy with it then I did and even though I have rather dry skin and I wear powder over the foundation I feel that it slides off the skin in no time at all. 1/5 for stay power!  On more greasy skin this foundation would be a horror story.  I do not even want to think about how it would cope under nightclub lights.

However the shade 'Rose Pearl'  is nice and suits my very pale tone.  I always find with Loreal foundation the colour is spot on and this is the reason I keep buying Loreal foundation even though I would rather not as they are said to test on animals.  Once I have a job I will be swiftly changing to Mac, you can be assured of that.

In a sense the foundation does do what it says on the bottle.  It does leave skin looking radiant and I think the foundation would be more suited to older less greasy skin - being 21 I definitely do not have old skin.

On  an older woman I think this foundation would be really nice but for most of us young pups its most likely a no go.


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