Friday, 22 June 2012

Mia Klose - The Return of Chick Rock With Balls.

Finally there is some chick rock on the scene that isn't all about having a broken heart and executing revenge in a brutal yet whiny manner.  Mia Klose has brought the balls back to chick rock circa Joan Jett and The Runaways.  

Despite having Mia on twitter @Mia_Klose I didn't pay much attention to her music until she approached me at Download Festival and told me I had great boobs and proceeded to put promotional stickers on them. Now it is not everyday that you get a good looking blonde rock chick feel your boobs so its safe to say I remembered her face and her name.  

The first thing you will notice about Mia is her striking beauty she is the epitome of rocking blonde bombshell but more Cherie Currie than Avril Lavigne in both looks and attitude.  I haven't seen Mia live but I bet she packs swagger.  She looks like a girl that could control a crowd and leave them begging for more.

Her music has a great 80's metal vibe to it which I feel is something that has been lacking in the UK metal scene.  They say grunge killed glam in the early 90's well I think screamo killed the glam resurrection in the noughties but I am glad to see it making a comeback. 

"I am so lucky to have the chance to go where my passion takes me,’ she says. ‘I’m selfish enough to only indulge in what I find creatively stimulating. The artistic challenge has always been what motivates me when it comes to songwriting and performance, and that goes for the visual aspect too."

It was clear from the point I met Mia, for the brief moment I did, that she that she dedicated to her music.  She was going around Download Festival handing stickering people with information on her album release instead of getting drunk, sunburnt and rocking out to the likes of Sebastian Bach.  Dedication right there.

You can check out Mia's tracks such as Lady Killer and London's a Heartbreaker at:

If you like the music of Motley Crue, Hanoi Rocks, Joan Jett or Lita Ford then you will not be disappointed. I look forward to seeing Mia progress in her career and wish her all the luck but I am sure she won't need it for talent and charm go a long way in the business.

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  1. 'It is not everyday that you get a good looking blonde rock chick feel your boobs' I feel them often :( that's it we're done haha