Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Beauty Bargains for £1.00

1. Nail Polish Remover - Boots - £1.00
2. Boby Lishuss! Body Butter - Poundland - £1.00

1. I ran out of nail polish remover and being the lazy bitch that I am sent the manfriend to get me some before he visited - fair deal I think.  I used to use Cutex nail polish remover all the time but it can be quite expensive at £3.00> for a bottle so being a skint student I started just using Poundland's cheap nail polish but to be honest it is not very good and I felt it dried my nails out quite badly.  The Boots nail polish remover on the other hand is very good and competes well with the branded Cutex.

2. I received this as a graduation gift from my best friend who works in Poundland and so far I have been impressed.  Like the nail polish remover I used to be a bit of a snob with things like this and would only buy Palmers Cocoa Butter but I am starting to learn that when it comes to some things you are just paying for the name since the ingredients are basically the same.  

The moisturiser is a little bit more orange in tone than traditional cocoa butter and I think it has a more vanilla scent too but overall is is lush.  It smells great and it leaves skin soft like it should and I think it has been doing a not too bad job on the resistant stretch marks also. 

For a £1 each you can't really complain.

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