Thursday, 26 July 2012

Packing Some Pink.

Some of my favourite products which happen to be in pretty pink packaging.

Left to right:

1.  Soap and Glory - Mist You Madly - Body Spray.
2. Soap and Glory - Girligo - Moisturising Body Mist.
3. V05 - Plump It Up - Volumising Spritz.
4. VO5 - Heat Protection - Styling Spray.
5. The Body Shop - Wild Cherry - Shower Gel.

1.  Body spray is not something that I would buy individually because I always have an abundance of perfume.  I don't know why but I never run out of the stuff and that is with me passing on bottles to my mother but the Mist You Madly spray came in the Soap and Glory hamper that I bought when it was on offer and I adore it.  It has a lovely floral scent to it - the typical sort of Soap and Glory scent but with less tunes of orange. Back when I had a job I would wear this to work instead of wasting good perfume on such a mundane task.  It has as good holding power as any good perfume though.  The only problem I would say with this is that it comes in a large bottle and therefore it is not practical to just throw it in your handbag.

£6.50 and therefore a good valued alternative to splashing out on perfume.

2.  I have probably referred to some other Soap and Glory product as being my favourite at point in my blogging career but this is truly my favourite product and one of the first ones I ever tried.  This moisturising body mist is amazing for putting on before a night out because it is a mist and therefore does not sit heavy on your skin.  I once bought moisturiser to match my perfume and by the end of the night I just felt sticky due to the heat of the nightclub but this eradicates that problem.  I have also never had any problems with applying it directly after shaving.


3. and 4.  I bought these products together almost a year ago when they were two for £5.00 in Asda.  I had ran of of heat protection spray and my SASS money had just came in so I treated myself to the volumising spray also.  I am totally questioning the fact that I am saying a heat protection spray has lasted me near on a year but I do not recall repurchasing it at any point and I use it every time I straighten my hair.  If what I am saying is true and it has lasted me all that time - amazing value for money.  As far as heat protection spray goes it does the job.  I haven't came across one yet that I love.  The volumising spray is good though and adds some volume to your roots but it does not compare to the angel fish root boosting spray but for the price it is good.

5.  Whilst waiting on manfriend in the trainstation I nipped into The Body Shop to see what they had in their sale and had a good sniff about.  I picked up the wild cherry body butter to start with but having a ridiculous amount of body butter and not very much money I put it back on the shelf but then I seen the wild cherry shower gel at the cash desk for £1.00.  A little bit more in my price range and staying at my manfriends Dad's empty flat does not always mean shower gel never mind nice showergel. It smells so nice - not like a lot of cherry products that smell overly sweet this does smell like wild cherries.  It has that cherry tangy-ness to it.

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