Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - Review - No Spoliers

As much as I would love to chat endlessly about what happens in The Dark Knight Rises I am not going to be that person that ruins the film for someone but if you do want to chat about it add me on twitter: @glampire_x.  My excitement for this film cannot even be expressed.  I booked tickets for the Imax a month in advance and I was standing outside the building for 9.30 on the Friday morning.  The Imax did not open until 10 and the film was not until 12 but I got one of the best seats in the house - back row almost centred.  Have any of you been to the Imax? This was my first time in the Glasgow one and I was amazed at the size of the screen.  I would highly recommend making the effort to go - especially if it is a film you have been excited about.  The Hobbit is the next big film to be shown at the Imax and my boyfriend is wanting to book tickets already.

As I expected the film would be it was exceptional.  Actually it exceeded my expectations and set my heart beating rapidly throughout the film.  The atmosphere created by Nolan throughout the film is outstanding.  It is by no means a chilled out film.  For a film near on three hours long you would think it would be challenge to keep the audience captivated but I could have sat and watched it again.  The guys I was in the queue with had booked tickets for the showing after also - they had the right idea.

I have heard people say 'they knew was going to happen' but I doubt they saw everything coming.  It keeps you on your toes to say the least and managed to have me happy, anxious and sad - by the end of the film I was emotionally exhausted.  The cast played a big part in this though without the right casting the film would not have been what it was.

Christian Bale really exceeded himself as Batman and brought a whole new vulnerability to the character.  At the end of The Dark Knight he starts to shed his ego but I had no idea that the human quality of batman would be brought to the level that it was in The Dark Knight Rises. If you loved Batman before this film you will leave the film with more love and respect for him than you have ever had.

A lot of people had doubts about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman but I always felt that after seeing her in Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland that she would be good at the part.  She can play the frosty woman with issues perfectly but there is still a softness to her character.  I was also a fan of the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman but I feel this catwoman was easier to understand especially to the modern woman.  You can understand why she did what she did and you respected her for managing to keep herself together. The previous film versions of Catwoman have not managed to keep themselves as together and have been rather flippant.

Catwoman was the character I was most excited about but there is no doubt that Tom Hardy as Bane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Detective John Blake stole the show.  There has been a growing interest in Hardy's career over the last couple of years but he is not an actor I have paid that much attention to simply because his typical genre of film are not in my immediate interests. If people did not take an interest before now though they certainly will after seeing the film.  I have heard people comparing Tom Hardy's Bane to the Heath Ledger Joker but I think it is unfair to do that as the characters are very different in personality and how they were portrayed.  Although the Joker had his bad qualities I never felt him as much of a threat to Batman nor did he scare me but Bane does both of these things. Bane is in short a monster.

Although Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is not one of the top three main characters he shines throughout the film and I hope that his performance is noted when it comes to awards time.

Of course the original Dark Knight characters of Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox were amazing as always and all contribute greatly to the plot and emotional feel of the movie in their own separate ways.

All in all the movie is fantastic and is a must see for anyone who en need joys film but if you're a batman fan I don't need to tell you that for you will have already seen it.

What did you think of it?




  1. Really enjoyed your review! Makes me want to go see it even more :) X

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  3. i went to see it today with my hubby i thought i was going to hate it but i thought it was great xx

  4. I finally went to see it last night! I'll probably watch it again in the cinema before it goes. I am sad its the last one though, and the cast were amazing.

    Lisa xx