Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Black Velvet Nails

Anyone who knows my personally will know how much I adore velvet but since most of you don't know me personally I'll let you in on my slight fetish for all things velvet.  Most people I know hate velvet - it makes their skin crawl but I'd love nothing more than to wrap myself up in a big velvet blanket.  I own velvet bags, jackets, tops, dresses and shoes to name a few things. So when I seen velvet nails on: The Black Pearl Blog I just had to try it out.

I headed over to Ebay and purchased 6 flock pots for about £3.  The Flock Pots came under arts and crafts rather than nail art or beauty so if you want to find some your best bet is an art shop. If I ever reach 100 followers I may add one or two of them into a give-away.

Step 1: Find something that you can tip the flock on to unless your pots are flat enough to dip your nail into.  My pots were too tall to simply dip so I poured quite a lot of the flock on to a tea plate and then used a flat ended cotton bud (from Asda) as some sort of spade to get the flock on the nail.

I attempted green flock nails at the weekend but didn't have the patience to finish it. Velvet nails do take quite a while to get perfect. But do not get hung up on getting the nail looking perfect straight away just get the nail covered in flock and then move on to the next nail.  The excess flock just washes off. Do not press the nail into the flock too hard though because you will smudge the polish the flock is expected to stick to.

The flock I bought also has little speckles of glitter through it which is lovely. I have black, green, white, red, blue and purple. I am excited to do something with the red and white come Christmas time.

I loved the finish result but next time I would try it with a black polish underneath rather than a dark purple. If you are going to try this before a night out do this last because the velvet does not bode well with moisturiser, make-up or water too well.  I would say these nails lasted two days maximum without looking terribly scabby.  They do feel lovely though and it is something a little bit different. If you adore velvet like I do you need to try this!


  1. Your nails look really good! I think I might have to purchase some flock especially if it is so cheap!! I love the glitter as it adds an extra dimension

    1. It does and the glitter stops the nails from looking too tatty once the velvet loses its lustre.


  2. Lovely nails! I find myself inspired by this, guess I'm gonna have to give it a try!

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