Friday, 17 August 2012

What is in My Handbag - Three Body Shop Lip Products.

Any girl worth her jazzy handbag with have a ton of stuff in there that she doesn't really need but it stays in there anyway's. For my personally my handbag just accumulates stuff from half empty packets of mento's to used train tickets but it also seems to harbour lip products.

At the moment I have three different lip products from the bodyshop. Obviously there is no reason to have all three products in the one bag but they don't take up too  much room so to me this validates it.

1. Mango Lip Butter: this is an old favourite of mine and I have went through a fair amount of tubs throughout the years - why? Because it leaves the lips super soft and smells/tastes great.

2. Natural Lip Roll On in Berry - My flatmate gave me a £2 off voucher for the Body Shop and being a poor student at the time I went in with the intentions of getting the watermelon lip-gloss but on being advised that the lip rolls were better for penetrating dry lips I went for this. I like that it comes in a roll since it means not having to touch the product which is great for the gal on the go. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and is not sticky. It is more like a lip oil if anything.

3. Candied Ginger Lip Balm - I reviewed the accompanying set here. This is different from anything I have ever had from The Body Shop and I was unaware that they actually done lip balms until I received this as a gift.  It is a Vaseline texture which I am a fan off even though I do not actually like normal Vaseline - I find it boring and a little drying on my lips.  This leaves the lips feeling pampered and protected from the outside world.

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  1. I've never been to the body shop but now that I've seen this product I might pay a visit, thanks!