Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lovely Liz Earle

The hot cloth cleanse and polish has been my favourite skin care product for a couple of years now and I have been yearning to try the toner and the moisturiser that complete the Liz Earle skin care regime.  I decided I would chance my luck and e-mail Liz Earle customer service and ask if they had any samples that I could review and boy was I in luck.

The lovely packaging that the toner and moisturiser came wrapped in with an added guide to using the toner and a little handwritten note from customer services saying that I hope I like them and with thanks.  It should be me thanking them really but such great customer service. Once I have a job I will be going on a Liz Earle spending spree.

I was asked what my skin type was so that they could send me a moisturiser that is suitable for my skin and I was sent the normal/combination skin repair moisturiser.  Anyone who has been reading my blog regularly will know that my need is in dire need of repair at the moment.  They also asked if I would like the toner in the form of a spritzer or in a normal bottle. I opted for the spritzer so then you have the option of spritzing it on your face or on to some cotton wool.

I am glad I opted for the spritzer because it is so refreshing and soothing on the skin. I love using it after the gym or first thing in the morning to wake me up a little. You can also use it over make-up which I did not know until I read the little guide. I haven't tried this yet but I imagine it would be amazing if on holiday somewhere warm. It has been raining nearly all summer in the UK so my face has been naturally wet.

The toners official name is Instant Boost: Skin Tonic. Some of the ingredients are:

"Organic aloe vera to revitalise and soften and calendula, chamomile, cucumber and natural source vitamin E to soothe and refresh the skin."

It is one of the best toners I have ever used and I have noticed a little change in my skin due to it. Maybe Liz Earle is the answer to my skin problems rather than medication.

The moisturiser is equally as amazing but very strongly scented. I have seen a few people on here saying that they did not like it because of it but I really like the smell but I can see why it would be overpowering for some.  The cream is rich and thick but you hardly need to use any to cover your face and it absorbs quickly. It goes well with make-up over the top and it makes skin look more radiant.  Again it is another winner from Liz Earle.  Overall teamed with the cleanse and polish cleanser this is an amazing skin care regime and I urge anyone that can afford it give it a try. It was my Dad's girlfriend that got me into using it and I certainly do not regret it.  The simply blue packaging is so elegant in its simplicity and I always feel rather sophisticated using it when I compare it to my face wash from Superdrug in its bold orange packaging.

Much love to the Liz Earle Customer Service Team


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  1. I recently ordered myself to a cleanse and polish (it will be my first). I'm so excited to try it :)

    I totally agree with the customer service, they were lovely when I had issues haha xx