Monday, 28 January 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and my lovely boyfriend decided to treat me and take me to London for it and then surprised me further by booking the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  It was magical (sorry I had to).  It was really great though and strangely we picked a really good time to go - when it was snowing.  The snow meant that it wasn't very busy at all and it made it even more wonderful as I associate Harry Potter with Christmas and it made the outside exhibits even more special.  The season certainly added an atmosphere to the tour, although it would be great to comfortably ponder the outdoor exhibits and chill out drinking butter beer. Ah, butter beer.  Most people I have spoke to have wanted to know about this, there are only two places in the world you can get the Harry Potter butter beer, one is in London and the other is in Florida.  I imagine for most of you London is closer.  The taste?  The easiest way I have found to describe it is that it is like a fizzy liquid werthers originals with mallow on top of it - it doesn't taste like beer, so don't worry. It is also not alcoholic, I don't know why I ever thought it was (ditzy moment).  I feel the photo's can explain the tour a lot better than I can but if there is anything you want to ask about the tour just as me. I'll also note that even though it is called a tour, it isn't really a tour.  It does start as a tour in the great hall but then you are left to look round the exhibits at your own leisure. 

P:S Take lots of money for the gift shop is amaaaaaaaazing. 

You're not a massive Harry Potter fan?

You don't need to be a massive Harry Potter fan to enjoy the tour.  My boyfriend isn't the biggest of fans (being more of a Lord of the Rings fanatic) and he thoroughly enjoyed it and now wants to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, maybe instead of Wrestle Mania - I am pretty sure he will change his mind about this forfeit but we will see. Hardcore fans will spend hours here (I didn't note how long we spent there but they said it takes between 3-4 hours) but those that simply enjoy watching the films occasionally will have plenty to scan over also. 

You're planning to go?
  • Make sure you note the times of the shuttle bus. £2 return. 
  • If travelling from London - train from Euston to Watford Junction. (about £8 return).
  • Arrive 20 minutes before you're time slot. The bus takes 15 minutes and you are advised to be at Waford Junction 45 minutes before you're allocated time. 
(I only spotted this info on the day we were going, in case any one thinks I'm being patronising). 


  1. This is amazing! I'm a big fan of anything Harry Potter and would love love love to go on the studio tour! I've been to Harry Potter World in Florida and I thought the butter beer tasted yummy! Like butterscotch mmm. Great pictures!

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    Abby x
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    1. You should definitely make plans to go. It is worth the money. I really want some more butter beer, I might need to try making my own.


  2. Ahh, it looks amazing in the snow as well!! The gift shop was unbelievable but I actually managed to restrain myself! I only go a glass, a book and some chocolate haha!