Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hotel Chocolat - Cocoa Juvenate - The Beauty of Cocoa

This is one of my favourite Christmas gifts as it was completely unexpected and it is so wonderful.  I am a fan of Hotel Chocolat's confectionery treats but I had no idea they done a small range of beauty products.  The range has yet to actually be launched in stores, the launch is happening on the 17th of this month.  Most of the events are already sold out...gutted.

The Revive Hand and Body Lotion retails at £18.00 and it is worth every penny spent.  It smells so fresh.  When I seen it was made by Hotel Chocolat I assumed it was going to very sweet smelling but the mango seed oil makes it citrous scented.   One of my other favourite body moisturisers is The Body Shops mango body butter which also contains mango oil - if you have dry skin this is what you need in your moisturiser.

Any one who reads my blog regularly will note that a couple of months back I wrote a post about how I do not favour body lotion, Cocoa Juvenate has completely changed my perspective on this.  Like all the other body lotions I have tried Revive Hand and Body Lotion dries really quick and does not leave the skin sticky feeling. The skin is almost velvety feeling afterwards.  You'll see in the below photo that I have already  used a fair amount of it.  I just really hope I have a job by the time that it runs out.  The pump bottle does help to not use too much of it though.  

I have also noticed that it has been really good for my stretch marks, the cocoa in the cocoa butter is obviously high quality being produced by a chocolate company.  I cannot recommend this enough and once I have a job I will be trying the body butter and the lip balm.

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  1. These sound great, I didn't know they did skin-care too, xoxo.