Monday, 11 February 2013

Under-Active Thyroid

One of my favourite blogs and fellow Scottish Lass Carlyn over at Smoking Peaches is starting a series of healthy Monday posts, and since I spend a whole lot of my time complaining about my health I thought I'd put it to productive use by doing a lil' guest post for her.

The post is on my favourite moany topic - my under-active thyroid which I have jokingly named Rasputin (he's a right arsehole btw).  It's a bit grim but it does show how difficult it can make your life both physically and mentally, but the main reason was to highlight invisible illnesses and the stigma associated with them.  Lots of people suffer and aren't taken that seriously because to look at them there isn't anything visible wrong - this just is not fair.  I plan to do some fundraising for some charitable this year, if anyone is interested in helping me out then give me a shout.  The causes on my list so far are: Thyroid, Meningitis and MS. 

Link: Healthy Monday's Post

Carlyn is also looking for some other guest posts on health, so if you are interested give her a shout - +Carlyn Smokingpeaches


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  2. I was diagnosed a month ago with a underactive thyroid, my mum and nan have it to xx