Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cheating is for people that don't have a backbone.

If you dont have a strong enough backbone to talk through whatever problems your relationship is facing you just shouldnt be in one.  Im making the assumption that if you are cheating then the relationship you are in has problems either that or the person is just a bad bastard but we will focus on the former.
In my opinion people dont talk enough these days.  People dont want to talk about their problems.  I feel this is why there are so many failed relationships both friendship and romantic.  If you dont confront the problem then it is just going to grow.  It wont go away through doing nothing about it.

If someone is cheating because there is a problem in the relationship then clearly they have no backbone.  If you can’t confront the person your with in my opinion your rather weak as a person.  Your even weaker if your gonna intentionally hurt that person by cheating on them.  Im not really a big beliver in the non-intentional cheater.  No matter how drunk you are you must on some level know that its not your partner your locking lips with especially if they werent even out with you.  It would be like getting a taxi home with someone who wasnt your friend but thinking it was your friend.  It just doesnt make sense you always know who your friends are even when your blind drunk.  So I dont see how you could get that confused.
It really annoys me how people cant just admit that the relationship is not working and they want to go find someone new.  If the relationship is not working for you then it probably is not working that greatly for the other person.  So why waste time and run the risk of hurting someone just because you cant face the facts?

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