Sunday, 11 September 2011

People who don't grow as people.

It amazes me to look at people I went to school with and realise that as people they just have not changed.  They have not grew into adults - they have just remained the same people they always were and probably will remain that way.

I am of the opinion that change is good someone people think other wise.  I would hate to think that I am still the same person I was years ago.  To some extent I am the same person obviously but I have also grew as a person and became a young adult opposed to a child.
I don’t enjoy doing the same things that I used to enjoy doing.  If someone asked me to go drink down the park I would have to decline the offer.  Simply because that’s not what I want to be doing at age nineteen.  I would rather go sit in a beer garden or a friends garden where ye know there’s toilet facilities.  I would much rather go and experience something new.

I also have a big issue with people who back-stab and bitch about their friends.  If your doing that in my opinion you don’t have any real friends.  I would never dream of bitching about my real friends.  My “friends” perhaps, the people that are my friends because I’m a believer in “keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer”.  It is always good to put yourself in the position to see a back-stab coming.  With friends and professionally.

People who walk around with their eyes closed make me laugh.  Those who really don’t give a fuck are highest in my book though.  I’m not quite at that stage yet - but give me another couple of years.

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