Sunday, 11 September 2011

Having a good weekend for under £10, is it possible?

With summer now over many of us will find that we have spent a considerable amount of our overdrafts and are now panicking about how we are going to have fun without having to spend too much and without having to face the idea of becoming a hermit.
To show that it is possible to have a weekend on a budget I have set myself the challenge of enjoying a whole weekend with only £10. 
Travel can often be the most expensive part of any weekend so staying local will inevitably save you money.  If it is a nice day you could walk with your headphones in or have a catch up with your friends whilst you walk or if you’re lucky someone might give you a lift for the small price of some chocolate...cause let’s face it everyone loves chocolate.
Luckily with Stirling being a tourist destination there are a plethora of things to do. If you live in the area surrounding the castle you will be able to get in for free with proof of address. Sadly if you don’t its £13.00 but maybe if some of your friends got in for free they would half in with you for your ticket.  However the walk up to the castle and the surrounding area provide some great scenic views and there are plenty of spaces to have a lovely picnic. You could even go to Tesco and try and score some free samples.
If you are interested in scenery then you should definitely visit The Wallace Monument which showcases perhaps the best views of the town and they do a student admission for £6.25.  However if you are more in the macabre you should visit The Old Town Jail which is situated near the castle which also does a student admission for £5.10. 
I feel that in Stirling at the weekends amongst the bustle of tourists there is always some sort of street entertainment to watch and I feel that with the great atmosphere you don’t necessarily need money to enjoy the surroundings. So look out for some free entertainment, you will usually find it across from New Look outside The Thistle Centre. 
However if none of this floats your boat there is always the nightclub option. A cheap way to have a night out is to get put on the guest list and enquiring about student discount is also a good way to save some money or you could flirt outrageously with the door staff...I would love to tell you this worked for me...but it didn’t...always worth a shot though.
A great tip to save some money is to invest in one of those big canvas bags so that you and your friends can put all your cloakroom stuff in the one bag for one it will save you money and two it means less chance of losing your stuff.
But the greatest tip of all is to pre-drink...but I guess being a student you already knew that. Tesco and even the campus supermarket do some excellent deals.
If you’re a girl you’re probably thinking that you now need something new to wear now...well stop and think...don’t you have a friend who is roughly the same clothes size as you? Get clothes swapping...just don’t make the mistake I did and spill curry sauce down the dress.
After your crazy Friday night out you’re probably not going to want to move from your bed let alone out text your friends from your bed and invite them round for an old fashioned girly night in. If you are not feeling too hung-over you could make cakes. There are plenty of cheap cake recipes online. 
Obviously doing this every weekend would become rather tedious so unless you want to start saving up for your weekends, attempt to find yourself a rich partner whilst you’re out...preferably one with a car *wink*. 

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