Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Big Goth Wedding.

I keep going on about this "wedding" of mine so I thought I'd blog about it but firstly I'd like to point out that I'm not engaged to be married at the present time - I just have a crazy imagination and a love for planning.  I do really want to get married one day though and I want it be for love but the wedding service is terribly important to me and I know to an extent it shouldn't need to be nearly as extravagent as I have planned but I really want it to be.  As a person I would say I'm quite over the top at times and I just feel for me to have a small, no thrills wedding would not be right.

Firstly I want to get married on either Hallow's Eve or Halloween since it is one of my favourite holidays and it is the perfect date for a gothic chic wedding. I have worked out that I'll probably need to get married in October 2020 for my wedding to be a weekend.

I want to get married in a castle at night time.  I haven't picked for definite which castle I would like to get married at but I've been thinking about Chillingham castle since it is the most haunted castle in the UK.  I would like to rent it for the whole day/night and have my wedding reception there too.

For the reception I'd like to have a big gothic banquet with only intimate family and friends.  I have not decided the wedding meal - I decided the man I marry can decide on the food but I want my wedding cake to be Tim Burton inspired.  Something along the lines of Corpse Bride.

After the meal I wish to have a big gothic/victorian inspired ball.  Think lots of candles and classic music but also some modern music also but the music will all be tasteful - although in saying that the song I want to have my first married dance to is 'Bella Nottew' from Lady and the Tramp.  I find the spaghetti scene rather romantic.  Talking about dogs I would like my dog that I don't actually have yet to be present at my wedding - Toulous the Pappilion.

My dress will obviously be black but probably not all black - I've always seen it as being black and a mocha/silvery colour.  I really dont suit or like the colour white so no point in paying a lot of money for a dress I wont like.  The top half of my dress will naturally be a custom made corset and I plan to pay a ridiculous amount for my wedding underwear since Agent Provocateur is just my usual special occasional underwear.  In my fantasy world it would be a Mr Pearl corset but that is never going to happen unless I marry an actual millionaire...which would obviously be fabulous.

I want to arrive in a vintage style carriage with black horses.  I'm not sure what colour I want my bridesmaids to be wearing yet but I'm thinking probably green.  Other minor details like bat confetti.

The craziest part of this wedding is possibly the fact that I want someone dressed as Dracula to conduct the ceremony...considering the rest it is rather fitting.  In my wildest dreams it would be Tim Burton conducting the ceromony though.

I have no idea how I am going to afford this wedding or where I am going to find a man bat shit crazy enough to go along with this plan but I'm working on it.  One friend did suggest that I try and get a television channel to commision it...

Maybe I'll just become a wedding planner and then all these people will want to do me favours for bringing them business.  I have seriously considered being a themed wedding planner.  We'll just need to see what happens but keep 31st of October 2020 open just in case.

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