Sunday, 11 September 2011

Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra - Review.

There has been a lot of anticipation in the lead up to Limp Bizkit’s return to the world of nu-metal with their new album Gold Cobra just being released and now that they have returned it feels as if they never left.  More so now that eccentric guitarist Wes Borland has returned to the band.

Every time a band takes a break there is always the fear that when they return the music won’t be the same anymore and your love for their earlier albums will be ruined but Limp Bizkit have bucked the trend with yet another fantastic album.

The album has the same aggressive feel to it that the older material has but at the same time it feels almost like it has evolved somewhat.
I feel that as the sound has retained the old school sound – which I came to love when they released Rollin’ back in the year 2000 – eleven years ago! I feel they’ll gain many new fans from a younger audience with the release of this album.

Tracks that stand out from the album are Douche Bag, Shot gun, Shark Attack and of course Gold Cobra.

Having recently seen Limp Bizkit live I was hoping they would play the above tracks but the only song they played off of Gold Cobra was Douche Bag, which happens to be my favourite song off of the album but it would have been nice to have heard more of the new songs live.  I assume they are saving the new material for an upcoming tour where Fred Durst will still be rocking the red Yankee cap once again. 

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