Sunday, 11 September 2011

Gig Review: Soundwhole (supporting That Sunday Feeling) – Cathouse, Glasgow – 2/8/11

It is always a slight worry going to unsigned bands gigs especially if you are not familiar with the bands playing. It is always an uncertainty about whether the band will be any good and even if you are a fan it’s never known for certain that’ll sound as good under the pressure of playing live.
Earlier this week I went along to the Cathouse to check out Soundwhole – a band from my hometown of
Motherwell – whilst they supported That Sunday Feeling on their debut headline tour.

The band describe themselves as an alternative band whom play “varied styles of music including Pop, Rock, Metal and occasionally such diverse elements as folk and samba”.  I would agree with this statement as I myself found it difficult to pinpoint the band’s sound.  Although as far as being an alternative band goes I would say they are closer to the indie rock genre than the heavy metal genre of rock.

Unlike a lot of amateur bands Soundwhole performed live very well with both the band and vocals performing at a high standard and the audience appeared to enjoy the show.
Although the band has only been together and performing since January this year they perform mainly their own materialwith the occasional cover.  On this occasion the band played Born This Way by Lady Gaga and was met by applause from the audience.

My favourite song from the E.P is Late o’clock.  However Be That Way appears to be the favourite of the fans.

If you want to check Soundwhole out you can find them at: and

There next gig is playing Battle of the Bands on Friday the 12th of August at La Ronde bar in Coatbridge and tickets are £5 on the door.  The band are also playing the music festival Be in Belhaven in Wishaw the following night.  Be in Belhaven is free but if you are interested in tickets please e-mail:

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