Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sometimes you just need to stop caring.

Mainly because some people are simply not worth your time. Even if part of you believes that they have grew up and that they have changed it always just takes one little thing for them to show you that they have not changed at all.
They still remain the cold unattached person that they have always been - only out for themselves. Being your friend when its convient for them. Being too immature to actually hold their ground in an argument without dragging up irevelant information and throwing nasty comments about. Before resulting to violence since they don’t have a way with words.
The coldness therefore does not allows them to comprehend what it is to care for another person and their safety. Its all well caring for someone who doesn’t care for themselves but when a friend doesn’t actually care about you at all that’s the point that you need to stop trying and just get up and move on.
Even if there’s history there. Maybe after time you can become friends with this person again but never again will you’s be close friends cause the trust won’t ever be there.
Also friends like this often make you realise what exactly you are made of. The level of badness that as a friend you are willing to take off another person in the name of “friendship” and that even then you will still care on some level. It takes a lot to walk away from a friend. But at somepoint you need to realise this person is not your friend. Not in the true context of the word.
Real friends are the ones that will remain by your side through the good, the bad and the sheer psychotic. The ones that will pour you a glass before pouring themselves one.
It only takes a friend to lie to you once to make you question everything else that they have ever told you but real friends would not lie to you and especially would not make up a lie that involves you.
And on an ending note remember that those that are great friends also make really great enemies.

P:S This entry was originally typed up on my Blackberry so I apologise for all the bad spelling and grammar.

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