Sunday, 11 September 2011

When is it best to just call it a day?

We all have that one couple on Facebook who break up every odd week and make a big drama out of it.  Washing all their dirty laundry on Facebook for everyone to see and comment on and then before you know it their back together.  If as a couple you are arguing/hurting each other that much then why stay together?  Should there not come a day where you just have to say “We gave it a good try and it didn’t work – it was nice knowing you”? 
I would argue that these kind of couples stay together out of sheer fear...within that breakup space they realise that there aren’t a queue of people lined up waiting to be with them and they realise they might as well return to their slowly failing relationship. 
I’m not trying to suggest that every time a couple have an argument this is what happens, I’m not that cynical, I do believe that two people can be very much in love and still have problems that can be worked through.  However I also believe there are an abundance of couples out there that should not be together.  (I have been watching a lot of The Jeremy Kyle Show this summer). 
People appear to be obsessed with being in love when in fact all their doing is destroying it in the process of trying to create it.  I don’t believe you can force love, it’s either there or it’s not. 

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