Sunday, 11 September 2011

Yo! Sushi

I had always been curious about ‘Yo! Sushi’ sushi bar when walking past it in Frasers Department store on Buchanan Street Glasgow but with me not liking fish never mind raw fish, I’d never adventured in.  I just remained casually peeping in the window as I walked past thinking how trendy it looked.
However after having a Japanese flatmate for six months I thought I’d grow up and experiment a little with food (emphasis on the little) so I decided to visit ‘Yo!Sushi’. 

I was pretty excited to be given a seat at the actual sushi bar rather than a table at the back and if you ever visit I recommend you get a seat at the bar even if it means waiting.  It was so fascinating watching all the little plates of food go round what I’d call a conveyor belt but it probably has a more technical term for it. 
I would actually like to see this style of restaurant applied to other style of foods because it is really good to see the food before you eat it and I feel it encourages people to try foods they probably wouldn’t try without having seen them first.
What is most striking about Japanese food regardless of whether you like it or not is the presentation – it is so carefully prepared and looks almost like art.  I thought it looked so “pretty” that I almost ordered some “crunchy prawn iso” because it had bright green bits in it.
But I decided to be boring and not have any ‘real’ sushi and played it safe by having some Cucumber Maki which was lovely but if you are a fish eater then I would recommend trying some of the fish dishes because they did look great and the person I was with who does eat fish said the Salmon Sashimi, Crispy Salmon skin ISO and the Spicy tuna hand roll were very good.

For the second course I again stuck to what I knew I liked ordering Chicken Yakisoba (chicken and noodles) and the Chicken Katsu (Chicken curry).  Both which are very tasty and if you have never tried sticky rice I recommend trying it as soon as possible for it is delicious.

So this review really just goes to show that if like me you are not terribly adventurous with food but enjoy a change of scene and something a little bit different you can visit ’Yo!Sushi’ and not eat sushi unlike the name suggests. 

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