Sunday, 13 November 2011

Being a goth obviously means you're a vampire

When I first got into rock music and decided I would become a 'goth' my father was so opposed to me wearing baggy jeans a bit of black lipstick that he took me to the library and made me read up on Gothic culture.  I think his actions were more crazy than mine.

I also think this is where my love for the macabre and my strong opposition to the mainstream stemmed from.  I didn't like the idea that he was trying to force me into being 'normal'.  The irony of all this is that a couple of years down the line he opened up a rock night club...exactly.

By the way when I say 'Goth' I am stereotyping, I in general mean anyone who listens to rock music and would be referred to as a goth or mosher by society. I take pride in this so don't actually mind being called a goth as long as it is not meant as an insult.

Obviously because I listen to Marilyn Manson and Slipknot I'm also a raging satanist and a sacrifice goats for a laugh every odd weekend.  What kind of goth would I be if I didn't. 

I could understand my Dad's reasoning had I actually been doing this but I really wasn't and it wasn't like I was skipping school and not doing my homework.  I was still behaving as I ever had - angsty.  But which eleven year old isn't?

Trying to explain that I wasn't doing anything wrong to both my Dad and his girlfriend was difficult.  They both wanted me dressed up like something from Destiny's Child.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with dressing like this, it just isn't my scene.  Nor am I skinny enough to pull most of those kind of fashions off.  If I were at home I'd scan a photo of my younger self to illustrate it wasn't that bad.

(Me - the dirty goff)

I feel there is something somewhat empowering about being a goth due to the amount of shit every goth/mosher needs to put up with at school and generally walking down the street.  I truly believe that putting up with that shit has made me a strong person because I never changed. I still  listened to what the hell I wanted and I still maintained my own sense of style.  My style isn't as out there as some other goths but I still feel at times society judges.

In school I would say us goths were in the same corner as the geeks we both got shit because of who we were.  I probably fit into both those categories if I'm being honest but hey ho I have a journalism degree and those fuckers don't. 

(Myself and Suzee)
I'm not saying all goths are good people but when compared to neds I feel we are.  I noticed there werent many goths shown in the footage of the London Riots. 

This is why I love Download Festival so much, its the one place I can go and no one there judges you by your music or dress sense.  There is such a feeling of belonging.  It's beautiful.  Everyone is there out of love.  The love for the music.  Also as far as I know there aren't any stabbings at it either but then again the goat slaughtering and blood drinking obviously makes up for this.

P:S I'm not having a go at anyone that would class themselves as mainstream if that's your style then fair play to you.  Unless of course you have a problem with goths or anyone with their own sense of style then I'll take issue.

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