Sunday, 13 November 2011

Never judge an album by its cover.

You know the saying "you should never judge a book by its cover" well you should never judge an album by its cover either.  I saw a skull and something a background which resembled the Master of Puppets album cover and thought "It can't be that bad".  I was wrong. 

(In Memoriam album cover)

The Destructors "11.11.11 In memoriam" album is one of the worst albums I have ever listened to and I've been known to listen to some rubbish music in my time, such as Miley Cyrus.

The signs were all there I just didn't see them.  A mass grave and poppies would be enough for someone to click that the album has some reference to Remembrance day without having to read the albums title but I noticed none of this. 

It wasn't until I stuck the c.d on for a listen whilst I done work that I began to see the pattern with song titles like "The Trench" and "Body Bags".  I had to go get my flatmate through to share the horror.

I was also wrong about the band being metal if anything its mental.  The Destuctors are a Punk band but I think most punk fans would disown this album.  I had a search online to see if I could find any other reviews but I found none.  Lyrically the album is awful and rather graphic in parts.  Here are an example of some of the lyrics - "I have to inform you you're son is dead. The hun bullet went right through his head".   I actually laughed at how bad this is whilst typing it - "The dead reside in body bags. Instant hygiene in body bags. Another mother's son in body bags. Refrigerated body bags. Body disposal for the modern age". 

The Destructors also make an appearance on this album: Punk and Disorderly 3 - The Final Solution.  I really don't know what to make of the album art work but I know I wouldn't want to be associated with a band that lets their song be put on such an album.

Previous to the In Memoriam album there was an album called "Bomb Hanoi, Bomb Saigon, Bomb Disneyland".  I know that punk rock is meant to be all about anarchy and breaking away with societal norms but for me this is just taking the piss.  I don't feel punk and remembrance day really go well together.  I find the whole album terribly distasteful and to me it's really not the kind of album I'd put on to commiserate on remembrance day. The album was so bad that I had to turn it off.

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