Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I finally got around to phoning my Gran today, I've meaning to phone her for the last two weeks to tell her about me finally finding a job.  I did ask my Aunt to pass the message on to her until I found the time to phone her though.

(18th birthday)

She's a bit crazy my Gran but I wouldn't have her any other way to be honest.  She isn't like your normal stereotypical Gran - you know the kind you pop round to for a cup of tea.  Don't get me wrong she does make an excellent cup of tea which is always accompanied by rich tea biscuits to do 'dippy dabby' with e.g. dipping them into the tea.  All my little cousins drink tea even Eva who is only three.  We all love a cuppa probably because of my Gran but anyways back to the point you're more likely to get a vodka martini at my Grans than a cup of tea.  Well I am.  Probably not anyone else actually - I've just realised this.  I'm probably the only family member that is able to sit and have a good drink with her since everyone else has responsibilities.  This makes me feel quite special actually, not that I didn't feel special to my Gran - I know I am.  I'm her first Granddaughter and first Scottish Grandchild - that has got to make me special on some account.  I'm also the only Scottish Grandchild with the surname McEwan - which makes me feel somewhat compelled to hyphen my name when I get married so that it is carried on.  Although my two male cousins are McEwan they are both English and McEwan is a Scottish name.

(16th birthday)

I appear to have went completely off on a tangent but what I'm meant to be writing about is that my Gran reminded me of something I had completely lost sight of.  She reminded me that being the most intelligent isn't that important in the grand scheme of things - having an imagination and being creative are also important too.  In life you need a mix of all three of those things I think.  It is pretty clear that I have a vivid imagination and I'm pretty dim at times but also pretty intelligent and I must be somewhat creative to be writing this blog. 

However sometimes Uni can make you feel a bit stupid and that can be disheartening but you just need to remind yourself that being overly intelligent isn't everything - you need a good personality alongside your intelligence.  So don't lose sight of your ambition and just keep trying.  You will get their some day it might just be frustrating and hard work along the way. If it was too easy it would be boring though.

I'm phoning my Grampa at the weekend so I might need to blog about him too. Above is one of my favourite pictures even though it is really old now.  Cara - polka dot dress - started highschool just there, still can't believe it. It makes me feel really old.  I was in 5th or 6th year of High School when this photo was taken and now I only have seven months left of uni - scary!

I'm at a scary point of my life right now if I'm being honest, its not long until one chapter is closing for another one to open and its unsure what the next chapter will entail but whatever it does entail I'm sure it will be entertaining.

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