Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I wish I knew more about art, I took Intermediate 2 art in High School and found it a bit of a struggle but I did try my hardest.  I really enjoyed the critical part of the assessment though and I have always thought it is something I would like to study further and perhaps I will at some point.  Art is always something that has been important to me, as a child I was always drawing and I  did aspire to be an interior designer for a while.  When my Dad would go to the reference library to read up on licensing laws I would sit and look through a Charles Renee Macintosh book for hours.  I should actually try and buy that book.  When I discovered I couldn't draw that well this dream was quickly dashed and I took up writing instead. - voila!  I still have an interest in art though although I don't know much about the technicalities - information I would obviously need to know if I were to go on to become an art critic which is something I have considered.

Here are some of my favourite works of art:

 (Cafe terrace - Vince Van Gogh)
 (Avril Paton - Windows in the west)

 (The persistence of memory - Salvador Dali)
(Vincent Van Gogh - The Starry Night)

 (Olivia Der Berardinis - Dita Von Teese).
(Olivia Der Berardinis - Bettie Page)

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