Friday, 4 November 2011

I do enjoy an alcoholic beverage it would appear...

More specifically I enjoy a cocktail but not just any cocktail - it needs to be a decent one.  I hate cocktails that pretend to be cocktails, like the ones you get in weatherspoons.  I have never managed to get remotely drunk on a weatherspoons cocktail.  You know if a cocktail is good quality through its strength, presentation and taste- cause if you go through the first theory alone you could throw anything together and call it a cocktail.  I have made some terrible homemade cocktails in my time - the pina colada sticks out in my mind though - the coconut milk and the bacardi just did not go well together at all!  But I had already put the rum in so of course I drank it.

The drink in the photo above is a 'Liquid Kriptonyte' it's not on the tgi's menu but if you ask for it they'll make you one.  I also recommend a 'rum runner' that's not on the menu either but is bloody excellent! If you like rum and want to kid on yer a pirate for a bit.

This is me having a bacardi and cranberry 'goth' style.  As you can see I also enjoy a digestive biscuit with my rum - LOL.

I also enjoy cider in a martini glass - who said a can of Strongbow can't be classy?  When out I always drink my cider from a straw also. Pint and straw that's the way forward ladies! Note it down!

Nice refreshing summer cocktail ala Suzee - see presentation matters! As far as cocktail presentation goes TGI Friday's do it best! In fact they just do the best cocktails ever, even though they are expensive. Totally worth it though.

It's safe to say that I have raped Matt's (my manfriends) wallet during our relationship.  Sometimes I do just enjoy a cup of tea though...

...accompanied by some rum.

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