Friday, 4 November 2011

Miley Cyrus - a danger to society.

The main area I am going to be looking at in my research is the sexualisation of children in newspapers, magazines and across the Internet.  I would like to investigate which factors have proven key in this increase in sexualised content across the media which we see frequently in modern society.  Also, I would like assess the affect this may have on children, in both behavior and feelings.
"I always knew the media influenced many aspects of my life but after reading your book, I have realised just how much the media controls everything; from what I wear, to what movies I see...I had no what kind of messages [the media] send to the world and women in general. After reading your book, I have decided to make a conscious effort to not support groups that are homophobic or send messages encouraging mistreatment of women". (Reader of The Lolita Effect)
In the reading I have done so far I have found that there are a lot of related topics of discussion on this subject for my conceptual framework. I'm just going to list a couple below. I made a graphic but I can't work out how to put it on here, since I made it on word. If anyone knows can you let me know for future reference please.Thanks.

  • I would firstly like to highlight the affect celebrities showcased in the media can have on young children.  For celebrities set an example to children, don't they?
An example of this is - In April 2008 15 year old Disney icon Miley Cyrus created a scandal through posing provocatively for Vanity Fair magazine.
(Vanity fair shot)
(Cyrus performing at a music awards ceremony)
The fact that Cyrus is only 15 in the somewhat naked photo would draw most to the conclusion that the photo can in fact be classed as child pornography - so what gives Vanity Fair the right to by-pass the normal rules of society?
What is perhaps more interesting about the photo though is that it would appear 'a variety of adults had connived to use her body for their own commercial motives'.  (Durham, 2008:2).
  • Which leads on to the next concept - I have found in my reading that I am going to have to also analyse the child-parent relationship and how parents also buy into the sexualisation of children.  With children dressing more like adults it can be argued that parents are now trying to dress more like their children to appear younger.

  • As discussed in a previous blog - the concept of the 'tween' and how our consumer society and advertising  influence behavior. With emphasis on clothing marketed at young children.
  • 'Raunch culture' - (funnily enough the article linked also uses Miley Cyrus as an example) and if there is any correlation between this and the increase in teenage pregnancy and sexual relations.
  • The concept that revealing clothing empowers women and your body image is key to your success in life.
  • Body image will be definitely be one of my main focus areas and if there is any correlation between body image portrayed in the media and teenage eating disorders.
  • Pornography and the easy access children and teenagers have to it due to mobile technology and the Internet.
  • If the concepts mentioned above have any influence in teenage cosmetic surgery and if the media influences parents decisions in allowing their child to have such a procedure.
  • I also thought it might be interesting to look at rape statistics too and see if there is any correlation there also.

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