Sunday, 13 November 2011


This weekend turned out to be pretty good, I travelled home on Friday for my best friends birthday night out.  The club we went to wasn't really my scene and I didn't feel terribly comfortable being sober due to how I feel about myself these days but the company was good.

The journey there was rather memorable, we had to run to the train station with our fur jackets over our heads as none of us had brought umbrellas.  I had the choice to bring my shoes or my umbrella, so I picked the shoes, obviously. 

On the train three out of five of us needed the toilet but to our horror the compartment of the train with the toilet appeared to be closed.  We thought maybe the door was just broke so we ran out the train when it stopped and round to the other door but that was also closed. Our clever idea had failed.

I had missed my girls though, I never realise just how much I miss them until I'm home.  My living room at home has also just been redecorated and it's lovely, kinda didn't want to leave but oh well I'll be home for a long time come the summer.

Oh, like our sashes?  They say 'Reem Team' on the back.  How much of a Gothic princess do I look?  On a Gothic note, Black Sabbath were announced for Download 2012 on Friday - I CANNOT WAIT!  I am finally getting to see Ozzy Osbourne, the last time I was meant to see him he had to cancel his tour due to the quad biking incident.  Princess goth is finally getting to see The Prince of Darkness.

Yesterday, before travelling back to Stirling, I went to see The Rum Diary with Susan.  It was really good it's not the kind of film where you are like "whoa you need to go and see that" but it is an enjoyable film.  I'm writing a review on it later so that's why I'm not saying too much at the moment but if you are a Depp fan then you will certainly enjoy it, he looks rather beautiful throughout.

Also saw the trailer for 'My week with Marilyn' - felt rather emotional watching it if I'm being honest.  I can see me crying a lot during this film.  It looks a lot better than I had initially thought though - when I heard Michelle Williams was going to be playing Marilyn I found it a bit distasteful for someone to even attempt to portray Marilyn - but from what I have seen she will make an excellent portrayal.

She led such a fabulous yet sad life.  She truly was something special and I find it very sad that she had to go when she did but then again the beauty of Marilyn Monroe will always live on. 

Got a new Blackberry this weekend too, this is my third one.  It is also my first actually black blackberry.  I have ordered a pink cover for it though, I want something sparkly but because it is a new model there aren't many covers out at the moment.

When in the store the guy serving me was chatting away and he asked me what I study, I told him journalism and he responded with - "So are you like Peter Parker?" I responded with "No I'm a little bit more like Clark Kent".

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