Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Rum Diary

After what felt like forever The Rum Diary was finally released this Friday after many delays.  The film was delayed due to Johnny Depp's filming schedule for Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides.  I feel that Depp is crucial to this film though. I almost feel that it would have been disrespectful to, the deceased author of The Rum Diary, Hunter S. Thompson to have anyone else play the part. 

Depp was apparently the one who found the unpublished manuscript for The Rum Diary amongst Thompson's belongings.  He is also who was responsible for firing Thompson's ashes out of a canon.

"One of my last efforts to salute the man was to continue in our venture, forcing him - even in death - to be a producer," - Johnny Depp.

(Depp and Thompson)

Everyday on set there was a chair with Thompson's name on it, a script cover, ashtray, cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey with an empty glass.

The film tells the story of American journalist 'Paul Kemp' who moves to Puerto Rico to work free-lance for a local paper.  This all sounds simple enough but he struggles to find inner peace due to the self-destructive nature of those he works with.  It would appear the characters mainly fall into three categories - Americans who want to use Puerto Rico for their own benefit, other Americans who feel suffocated and the natives.  It is the story of a man trying to be successful but still remain true to himself.

As the title would suggest there is a whole lot of rum involved in the film but if you are going to see it thinking it is going to be another 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' you will be disappointed but nonetheless it is an enjoyable film.

Depp performance is outstanding as usual and it is rather amazing how he can pass as someone in their thirties, when he is nearly in his fifties.

Aaron Eckhart also gives a good performance as a business man that wants to transform Puerto Rico for his own benefit and for the Americans that move there, without giving any regard to the natives.

However next to Depp I feel Amber Heard gives the best performance as Chenault, Sanderson's Fiance and Kemp's love interest.  Heard possesses outstanding beauty and it is easy to see why a character like Kemp would fall for her but she also portray's Chenault as being restless and somewhat unhappy which is a match for the way we imagine Kemp to be feeling.

(Heard and Depp at the Rum Diary Premiere)

I think this film will lead to great success for Heard and if not it will have certainly gained her a few new followers due to her being nude a lot of the film.  But don't worry girls both Depp and Eckhart look particularly beautiful also.

(Heard and Eckhart at The Rum Diary premiere)

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