Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bubblegum flavoured fudge

My excitement for the week is finding Bubblegum flavoured fudge and something similar to Creamola Foam.

I saw the colour and just had to have it, it didn't actually taste that good but it looks so pretty.

Creamola Foam is a drink I used to have when I was a little girl but it went out of productions so I was super excited to see the new alternative in a store.  I think it tastes rather similar to the original product although I was really quite young the last time I had Creamola Foam so it is hard to tell - but it does create a sense of nostalgia and that's nice in itself.

It comes in powder form - almost like sherbet - you add two spoonfuls to a glass of water.  I got the raspberry flavour but the store also had the orange one. I'm going to try that next - even thinking of creating some sort of Creamola Foam cocktail.  When I was in the sweet shop yesterday I noticed they had lots of different flavours of sherbet, if I get any champagne for my 21st I'm going to make a sherbet cocktail - maybe pineapple?

The final product. For anyone reading this from the U.S it is actually quite similar to Kool Aid, except for the foam.  I'm finding it difficult to describe the taste other than saying it tastes of sour raspberry - it's definitely more sour than it is sweet - which is surprisingly since I'm presuming its mainly made up of sugar.

I'm probably not going to blog again until after Christmas, so I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.


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