Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nickelback - Here and Now - Track by track review

Their last album may have been titled ‘Dark Horse’ but for me Nickelback’s new album ‘Here and Now’ is the real dark horse.   After the success of multi platinum ‘Dark Horse’ it was interesting to see if Nickelback could produce another fabulous album but it would appear that the band have more or less followed the formula they used for Dark Horse and came out with even better results.

The artwork for the album is the Gastown Steam Clock in Vancouver and the clock is set at 11:21, the date the album was released.

The album debuted at number two on the Billboard charts.  However it was just missed the number one slot by 0.18% being beaten by...Michael Buble.

The album does not have a bad song, so I thought it would be worthwhile giving each track on the album its own review.  There is a track that will suit everyone’s music taste from soothing love ballads to tracks about drinking and sex, so read to find out which track will appeal to you.

1.        The Means War – Full of angst, one for those who are a fan of Nickelback’s earlier work.

2.       Bottoms up – Rather similar to the previous hit Burn to the ground but another classic with big drum beats and provocative guitar solos to dance about to whilst having a good drink. 

3.       When we Stand Together - The first single to be released from the album and the mandatory power ballad which will make girls go smooshy at Mr Kroeger’s voice.

4.       Midnight Queen – wins the best lyrics award on the album with – “She's got the bottle of Tequila and a lime for her lips.  Laid her body on the bar and put the salt on her hips. I was lyin' when I told her that I'm only gunna' lick her tonight!”  I don’t think the song needs any more explanation.

5.       Gotta Get Me Some – continues with enlightening us in what Mr Kroeger likes in a girl and comes complete with sexy bass playing to swing your hips to.  A very sexy song to get you in the mood...for a night out – or wrapping yourself round a pole.  Maybe your night out will include this, who knows.

6.       Lullaby – After the previous two songs you end up feeling a bit like ‘whoa when did the party end?’  But the song does open with some lovely romantic notes on the piano and as the lyrics point out “Honey here comes a lullaby”. 

7.        Kiss It Goodbye Angst partnered with groovy beats.  Complete with the echoey vocals we come to expect on at least a couple of Nickelback’s tracks.

8.       Trying Not to Love You - Another ballad but with more of a country/pop feel to it.  It will no doubt be the next song to be released.  The track that those whom don’t favor rock music will adore.

9.       Holding on to Heaven – Very similar to the previous track but slightly more love sick than the former.  Beautiful lyrics.

10.   Everything I Wanna Do – After the two power ballads it feels good to return to some sleaze.  Competes with Midnight Queen on the dirty lyrics scale – “She’s got a dirty mouth, it tasted so clean with every taste of me”. 

11.   Don’t Ever Let It End – Just after you thought the album had provided you with all the information you need to be to get in Mr Kroeger’s ‘big black jet with a bedroom in it’ the album ends with a track about being in love with a friend and both being in denial.  So, we ladies might be out of luck when it comes to living the rockstar life with Nickelback but it is definitely song I feel we can all relate to. 


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