Monday, 23 January 2012

Avon - Mirror Shine Spray - Review

I have been using the 'Mirror Shine Spray' from the Avon for a couple of years now, I always have a bottle of it.  If you have dry hair and unmanageable hair it really is a must have.  Before I started using the spray I would use a variety of serums but they always made my hair heavy and greasy - therefore making it even more unmanageable but the spray solved this problem.  The spray is more of a light mist and because its a spray it doesn't sit quite as heavy on your hair.  The bottle says that is for all hair types but I don't think it would be very good for hair that is already greasy.  However if you have normal hair e.g. non dry and non greasy (I don't quite know how many people that would actually cover) the spray would leave you with a lovely healthy shine.  The spray also does the same for dry hair but obviously if your hair is dry its gonna take more than a spray to sort it but the spray does definitely help. 

With the Avon the price of their products vary but you wont pay anymore than £5 for it.  I usually pay about £3 for it as I usually buy it when it is on offer.   In a consumer survey of 70 people (carried out by Avon) 93% felt that it helped reduce frizz compared to untreated hair.


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