Monday, 23 January 2012

Loreal - Anti-Rednes Primer - Review

I was prompted to buy this when my skin was really bad and I had a night out coming up (the night I kissed my now boyfriend) so that proves it good. I have used sheer coloured primers in the past and although they have provided a good base for foundation they haven't been as good as Loreal's Anti-Redness Primer.

Yeah...its green but that's what makes it successful in covering any redness in your face. The green pigments help neutralise green patches, you do look like an ogre when you put it on though, so you couldn't wear this primer on its own.  I wouldn't say I have particularly red skin except for when I am having a spot breakout, so the primer if anything makes me look slightly more pale than I usually do, - I am naturally very moon faced. The primer would be excellent for someone who does suffer from red tones in their skin. 

It costs £10.30 from Boots but it does last a while.  I don't wear it every day just on nights out and special occasions and it has lasted me over a year. 

Loreal have a whole primer range for different skin types if this one doesn't suit your skin you should try the others and obviously let me know what you thought about them.

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  1. Great Review. Im constantly looking for a good concealer i never to seem to find one thats good enough.

    You have a new follower,
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of Forever