Friday, 20 January 2012

Born Villian

After 'The High End of Low' ,which despite having a great title, failed to impress most followers of Marilyn Manson's music he is set to return this year with his new album 'Born Villian'.

(The upcoming album cover)

This will be the 8th full length studio album from the 'shock rocker' and is being jointly released on Cooking Vinyl Records and Manson's own label Hell - due to Manson parting ways with Interscope records.  The split took place based on the poor sales of 'The High End of Low'.

Manson told Metal Hammer - "You'd be surprised how much restraint my creativity had which ended up often times in my life, not want to make music because I was so restrained from the music that I wanted to make - what they would allow, they would put out, what ideas they would allow to be conveyed in these videos. At least half of my creative output has been squashed, so now I think people can expect a whole lot more.... I think it will be more badass , I think it's going to be more romantic maybe. Self abusive."

After viewing the video 'Born Villian' I can definitely verify that the golden age of Grotesque has returned and the self proclaimed 'God Of Fuck' has returned on top form and is more shocking than he has ever been.

If you do not like anything violent, bloody or sexually strange then do not watch the above video - you will not enjoy it.  However if you into the weird and wonderful watch it and enjoy for it truly is wonderful.  The video is directed by Shia LaBeouf (yes the geeky guy from Transformers) the two became friends at a 'The Kills' concert and with LaBeouf confessing to be intrigued by Manson he agreed to let him direct his next music video.

LaBeouf explained that "we tried to make Manson's 'Un Chien Andalou' macabre 'Macbeth'. 'Un Chien Andalou' being a short film made by the artist Salvador Dali.  Dali is famous for his bizarre surrealist works of art and Manson is a big fan.  So much so that once when Manson was being interview by MTV he dressed up as Dali for the occasion. There are definitely parallels between Manson and Dali's work. .

(In the background you can see one of Manson's own paintings)

The Manson that I fell in love with when I was merely ten year old is back and is ready to shock the world again.  The last time Manson shocked me it was through how appalling his performance at Download Festival 2009 was - forgetting the lyrics and having to get an oxygen mask put on in between songs.  I'm sure I speak for all Manson fans when I say that I hope he has cleaned his act up and is ready to take his art seriously again - because at the end of the day Manson is more than music.  Manson as he put it "is a fucking work of art" and he is - Manson himself is an art form and one that most of us whether we love or hate him have took time to have a look at. For those that love him I think he is definitely going to give us something worth looking at in 2012.

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