Friday, 20 January 2012

Natalia Kills - Free - Review

I reviewed Natalia Kills last year and I managed to completely overlook this track.  I heard it today in work and I have become rather hooked on it - possibly because I can relate to the lyrics at this current point in my life.

"Need a overdraft, I'ma overdraft
If the bank man calls, just tell him...

I'm free
I just spent all my money
But I rocked that like it don't cost a thing
Burned a hole in my pocket
But I rocked that like it don't cost a thing".

An extremely catchy song and one that you'll be singing along to in no time...whether you're a fan of this style of music or not.  A good song to listen to on a Friday when you're finishing work.

The track also has Will.I.Am on it - someone I have been a fan of for years - since the Black Eyed Peas brought out 'Request Line'.  Back in the day when I would spend my Friday night watching 'The Box' music channel. Now I just spend my Friday nights blogging about music.

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