Friday, 27 January 2012

Loreal - True Match vs Infallible

I realised the other week that when it comes to foundation I'm a Loreal girl - mainly because their colour range matches my skin the best.  If you have a ghost like complexion like myself you should try Loreal foundation.  I have always found both Rimmel and Maybelline to be too dark for skin no matter which of their foundations I use.  Maybe I secretly just want to be french.  Well actually that isn't really a secret.

My favourite foundation is Loreal True Match and it is usually the one I always buy - I vary between the different shades of ivory but I decided to get Infallible for a change.  I used it a while back and remember liking it and I still do.  I'm just unsure if it is as good as True Match.

My skin has been really dry recently and I find that although True Match provides excellent cover it sticks to dry skin quite badly - even after moisturising beforehand.  I thought changing foundation might solve the issue.

Infallible says on the bottle that is lasts '16 hours' it doesn't - this is my main problem with Infallible I find my skin gets quite shiny with it and I need to touch it up with powder regularly.  However the foundation itself is a lot thicker than True Match.  I think I maybe need to try wearing Infallible without moisturising beforehand to see if it makes a difference.  I find a bit cheated when the special aspect of the foundation is that the 'co-resististium technology' tackles makeup meltdown - so far for me it does not and True Match lasts a lot longer.

Even Dita Von Teese is a fan of True Match and apparently Cher is also.  Why not have something in common with two of the most glamorous yet fabulously outrageous women in show business?

True Match - 5/5

Infalliable - 4/5

Price:  Range from £6-10 - depending if there is any offers on.

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