Friday, 27 January 2012

Asda Shampoo - Review

I'm not the kind of girl that sticks to the same shampoo all the time.  I usually pick my shampoo based on what is on offer if I'm being honest and I like trying different ones. 

One of the nicest shampoo's that I have come across is Asda's nourishing and protecting shampoo for the bargain of £1.  I used to use Asda's cherry shampoo and conditioner frequently - especially the conditioner - it was my backup conditioner (you know the bottle of conditioner you need for when the one that matches your shampoo runs out?) but then much to my dismay they discontinued it, 

So I thought I would give this one a shot with it being only £1.

The shampoo contains UV filters to protect the hair from the elements With vitamin E to nourish and care for colour treated hair.  It is suitable for vegetarians and is inspired by the sensual rituals of a traditional Moroccan hammam, these divinely scented products are rich in indulgent ingredients chosen to pamper and relax body and mind.

It does smell lush.

The conditioner contains Pro Vitamin B5 to strengthen and restore lifeless weak hair with wheat protein to nourish.  It is for damaged hair and again it is suitable for vegetarians.  It is inspired by the beauty traditions of Kenyan women, each one of these sensual products is enriched with natural ingredients chosen to nurture and restore your natural balance.

I like how both the shampoo and conditioner are inspired but certain people and not just profits.

There is a whole range for different hair types - the one I am using at the moment is for dry/frizzy hair but I chose to blog about the above one because it smells nicer than that one.

I think everyone should give them a shot - considering they are only £1 each - they could save you quite a bit of money - if like me you go through shampoo rather quickly.

I never realised just how quickly I go through Shampoo and Shower gel until I moved in with four other girls this year. Crazy.

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