Friday, 27 January 2012

Nails Inc - Bennett Street - Review

My Mum's friend bought me a Nails Inc set for my 21st - hence why I have Nails Inc nail polish.  Regularly I can't afford to buy Nails Inc.

I have had the polish on the last couple of days and it is pretty chip resistant and my polish usually gets chipped rather easy through my job.  It did chip when I accidentally sliced a bit of my nail off whilst cutting a pepper - that's what I get for testing my flatmates new sharp knives.  For the record expensive knives are a lot sharper than your regular knives. I feel a bit safer being in the flat myself now. I joke. I definitely wont be getting on the wrong side of my flatmate though - haha.

When it comes to red I either like gushing blood or as I would put it the colour of dried blood.  Too goth?  This one is proper fire engine red and for some it will probably be too in your face but I love it. 

It will go really well with all the nautical themes that will no doubt be coming into fashion again this summer.


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