Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Disney Imagination Hand Soap - Review

I honestly think the soap is called 'imagination' soap because you have to use your imagination to create a scent for it.  Apparently not though, on researching the soap for this blog I learnt that it 'has' "a cool nature-based fragrance with notes of sequoia trees, leaves, and mossa".   After reading this I went and washed my hand just to double check my hypothesis.

But still to me it just smells like un-fragranced soap.  I had looked at it a couple of times in the Disney Store but refused to pay £6 for a small hand soap but when I seen it at £1 in the sale I thought why not?  My flat needed hand soap anyways.  I am so glad I didn't spend £6 on it.  The other products in the range such as the pixie dust candle smell great but for me the imagination soap just fell flat.

As you can see it has a lovely green and pink label on it - which is what attracted me to it.  Well that and the fact that it is Disney stuff for grown ups.  Although I am disappointed with the fragrance of the soap the soap itself is very nice.  It is a thick liquid soap and your hands feel very clean afterwards and its not drying like some soaps.  So it does do its job very effectively - its hard to give it too critical a review when it does what it is meant to do but if you like smelly soap like I do then this soap isn't for you.  You would be better heading to Lush.

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