Saturday, 4 February 2012

I Heart Paris - Lindsey Kelk - Review

When it comes to reading I read a little bit of everything. I love literature from utter trash to acclaimed works of fiction and everything else that falls in between this category.

I Heart Paris is one of the more trashier books.  I enjoy reading these kind of books from time to time though as its easy reading.  After reading about child sexuality all day or German politics the last thing I want to pick up is something by Dickens.

It is part of a set of books by Lindsey Kelk there is also - I Heart New York, I Heart Hollywood and I Heart Vegas.  I have read the first two but not Vegas yet.  The next one will no doubt be I Heart London.

I really enjoyed the first two books but not this one as much.  The books follow the story of Angela - a normal girl from London who's boyfriend cheated on her and she jumped on a plane to New York. I know it is so original and unrealistic but it's good trash.  We can all say we have felt like jumping on a plane and getting away from whatever is bothering us at some point in our lives.   She ends up being a paid blogger whilst and then goes on to become a journalist.  As a journalism student I like to dream that this kind of thing happens and the next couple of years aren't gonna be hell first trying to get on the career ladder and then attempting to climb it.  I think that is why I find the books so appealing - they are my fantasy novels.

They aren't what I would call particularly well written books.  Well they aren't bad. It's just when I read them I usually think I could write something similar myself but that's maybe because I am a writer. Maybe I will end up writing a book because becoming a journalist or paid blogger is not gonna be as easy as Angela had it.

I heart Paris is mainly about Angela's love interest Alex and their relationship.  His band is going to Paris to play a festival and she goes with him - coincidentally she gets offered a job at a glossy magazine and they want her to cover hipster Paris. if! There is lots of drama due to a jealous co-worker and a French ex-girlfriend of Alex's but everything turns out OK in the end.

One thing that is good about the book is that there is a guide to Paris at the back.  The other books also have guides and when I visit these places I will be using the guides to go to all the kitch places.

Compared to I Heart New York and I Heart Hollywood it was just fell flat.  I have I Heart Vegas on the bookshelf at the moment and I'll be reading it once I have finished Irvine Welsh - Reheated Cabbage.  Told you I read a little bit of everything.  I will let everyone know if it is comparable to the first two books.


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