Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chanel Vernis - Black Satin - Review

Before you all start accusing me to prostitution or sheer recklessness for buying a Chanel nail polish - it was a gift.  A lovely one at that.  Although I usually would not spend that sort of money on a nail polish.  Well with the exception of Nails Inc.

I hate to say it but this nail polish disappointed me.  The polish is very thick and somewhat gloopy and it has the same crap staying power of any black nail polish.  I really hoped that this would finally be the black nail polish I had been dreaming of all my life - one that could last a good couple of days and still look pristine.

I mainly used the polish on my toe nails (since it wasn't very good on my fingernails) and it was good for toe nails because of how thick the polish is.  I only ever needed to do one coat.  I would maybe consider buying it myself, if I ever have a lot of spare cash, just to use on toenails. 

How snobby do I sound right now?  Well yes its Chanel darling! On my toenails.

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