Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Loreal Elvive Re-nutrition Replenshing Mask - Review

I picked this up the other day when I was in Superdrug buying the exciting item of cleansing wipes.  The previous night had been a bit stressful to say the least so when I seen the Loreal Replenishing Mask for £2.99 on the sale shelf I picked it up.

I have used the Loreal Elvive shampoo quite a few times over the years - a variety of different ones but the one with royal jelly is the one my favourites.  It just smells so good but not in a fruity way that most shampoos do.  This smells almost sophisticated.

The re-nutrition range is for sufferers of dry hair and for me it is perfect.  My hair is very much damaged through dying and straightening it - it is rather limp due to the thickness of it too.

To use the mask you just squeeze out excess water from washing it and then cover your hair or just the ends - I smothered it all over.  I advise if you have long hair tying your hair up whilst it is on your hair to stop it from coming off.

Afterwards hair is beautifully soft, almost as if you have had a hair cut, it really does revive the dry ends but does not weigh them down.  Hair is left super shiny too. 

I have known people to use the nutri-gloss mask (the pink bottle) too so I assume this is also a good mask.  Sometimes you will get a buy 2 get one free offer in Boots or Superdrug so you could pick one up for free more or less.

After checking the boots website the now I notice they have this exact deal on - 2/04/12.

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